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Elevate Person-Centered HCBS Outcomes

Cura OS brings person-centered I/DD support to life. Our individualized, plan-driven framework removes everyday challenges, fosters collaboration and improves quality of life for HCBS providers, DSPs, and individuals with I/DDs.

What Customers Are Saying...
“Everyone is working from the same playbook and now I can spend my time supporting my team.”

How We Help

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Enhanced Person-Centered Support

Agency leaders and supervisors appreciate shifting from paperwork to people-focused collaboration. Real-time access to progress alerts and uniform adherence to person-centered support enhances quality of life for all involved.

Simplified DSP Work Experience

DSPs enjoy simplified workflow with features like voice-to-text for progress notes and biometric logins, eliminating the need for password memorization and reducing the need for trips to the office.

Connected DSP Information Support

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) have all the information they need — from progress notes to support plans — readily available on their Cura app, enabling the delivery of person-centered supports and services.

Confident Compliance

Automatic notifications and reminders, and easy access to essential client and employee information, give leaders confidence in meeting compliance requirements, streamlining management and oversight.

Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

The ability to effortlessly message supervisors and call office staff directly through the Cura app, along with receiving instant notifications, ensures DSPs stay connected and promptly informed, enhancing response and coordination.

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Meet the Team

HCBS Insiders. Technology Expertise. Passion for Outcomes.

James Griffith

Founder and Executive Chairman

As an agency owner since 1998 I have committed my professional career to serving the IDD community. Cura is the expression of a lifetime of service and a desire to make life better for consumers and the amazing, dedicated staff who make their lives better. I enjoy fishing, any outdoor activity and spending time with family and friends. I love figuring out better ways to serve the customers who depend on us, my family and ultimately the clients that receive services from the IDD service community.

IMG_6131 - Curtis Stanley.jpg
Curtis Stanley

Chief Executive Officer

One of the most formative experiences in my life was attending a Jesuit school. The Jesuits powerfully impressed upon me the degree to which our lives benefit from the contributions of others who came before us, and the importance of committing ourselves to live in service of others. The Cura team, working in concert every day for the benefit of the I/DD HCBS community is the most powerful realization of that commitment I have ever experienced. Cura is a team of extraordinary individuals who have come together from across the country and from various important disciplines. We are united with a shared passion to improve the lives of across the I/DD support community. Working with these incredible people, and seeing the positive impact we're having every day is the most rewarding experience of my career.

IMG_2181 - Bridgette Willson.jpeg
Bridgette Willson

Director of Regulatory Compliance and Training

I love working with the amazing team at Cura OS. I have worked for a provider agency for over 23 years and I am excited to share my experience with our customers. I love to garden, travel, and attend robot competitions with my daughter.

Kristie Hebert

Director of Customer Success

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, whether it's through vacations or card games on weekends. I also have a strong passion for community involvement and volunteering wherever I can lend a hand.  ​ I find great fulfillment in my role at Cura knowing I'm making a positive impact on the I/DD community. It gives me a profound sense of purpose and worthiness.

Ricky Stewart

Chief of Customer Operations

Cura OS has provided me with a unique opportunity! I worked with an incredibly talented team, who share a common vision of improving the lives of the disability support community. I'm able to apply the skills acquired after many years in the information technology industry and also learn new technologies and applications. Most importantly, I interact with and support our customers daily. I like family time and having family visits and activities. I spend time with friends and keep in touch with those who I served with in the military. I enjoy cycling, running, working out, and outside activity.

profilepic - Jose Gomez.jpg
Jose Gomez

Software Engineer

I find immense enjoyment in my work at Cura OS primarily due to the fantastic team I'm a part of. Our colleagues are not only fun to work with but also highly respectful and competent, creating a positive and collaborative work environment. While I may not have a direct connection to the IDD community, I take pride in contributing to Cura OS's mission to provide innovative solutions and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This indirect involvement allows me to support a meaningful cause while enjoying the camaraderie and professionalism of our team, making my work at Cura OS truly fulfilling. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends.

Headshot_small - Drew DeNooy.PNG
Drew De Nooy

Principal Data Architect

I am responsible for creating a clean, consistent, and reportable data model. Having well thought out data architecture ensures Cura OS can be a dependable system of record for agency management, care activities, and time tracking. I joined Cura because I believe in positively impacting the industry and those they serve.  I enjoy building software, playing games, and attending to my kids' many activities.

Image 11-1-23 at 10.50 AM.jpg
Rick Babb

Chief Financial Officer

I have over 40 years of diverse business, accounting and financial management experience having been a Manager with Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurial Services Group handling various venture capital clients, the Chief Financial Officer for Medical Science Partners, a Harvard-affiliated life science venture capital fund and as the FINRA Chief Compliance Officer, for Apeiron Partners LLC. I am currently Managing Director of Louisiana Funds and have been involved with financing more than 20 startups.

Emma Griffith

Director of Product Quality 

Having grown up around the HCBS industry, it's an area I've always had a personal attachment to. I love knowing I get to make a positive difference in others' lives and get to work with best team I could ask for. I enjoy reading, trying new restaurants and culinary experiences, and frequently picking up new crafts to work on.

IMG_8045 - Maya Stucky.jpg
Maya Stucky

Product Designer

I love waking up feeling like I'm going to do good today -- that my work creates a real positive impact on the industry and the world as a whole. I have been drawn to startups for their ambition and drive as well as the closeness that I feel towards the rest of my team. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, exploring new nature spots, watching PBS and BBC mystery shows.

IMG_3362 - Oscar Leon.jpg
Oscar Leon

Software Engineer

At Cura OS, our team isn't just strong – it's bursting with purpose and passion! Every member is fueled by a desire to shake up the industry and leave an indelible mark. It's like we've all got this superpower of determination, and together, there's no challenge we can't tackle with a sprinkle of humor and a whole lot of heart. I'm a part-time, at-home, barista for my fiancée, and I'm occasionally a brewmaster for myself. I also like to go to the golf course and shoot 30 over par.

Our Story

Founded on the principle of transforming care for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), Cura OS emerged as a beacon in the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) landscape. We began with a vision to liberate HCBS providers from the constraints of a fragmented, paper-based system, focusing on quality, person-centered support. At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of caregivers and agencies through innovative, easy-to-use technology. Our platform streamlines compliance, simplifies communication, and enhances service delivery, all while keeping human compassion at the forefront. We continually evolve, driven by our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and a deep-seated belief in the power of caring, to not just meet but exceed the ever-changing needs of our community.


Our mission is to empower HCBS providers to consistently deliver quality, Person-Centered, compliant support services to individuals with I/DDs. Cura technologies free HCBS providers from the limitations of operating in a fragmented, paper-based world, and redefines what’s achievable in the I/DD HCBS industry.


To be the trusted partner and transformative software provider for HCBS providers, revolutionizing the delivery of home and community-based services. By helping providers schedule, document, monitor, manage and communicate about those services in a way that is easy and efficient. We are creating a future where HCBS providers are no longer burdened by paperwork, allowing them to focus on providing quality person-centered supports and services, enhancing quality of life for all involved.


Provider Empowerment

We empower HCBS providers with streamlined administrative tools, enabling them to effectively support DSPs and enhance the experiences of individuals they support.

Person-Centered Approach

We prioritize a person-centered approach in our relationships with each other and our customers in order to promote trust, compassion, and respect. Our products prioritize person-centered supports that contribute to individual person-centered outcomes.

Collaborative Development

We foster collaboration across all fronts, internally and externally, to address challenges and seize opportunities. By engaging administrators, professionals, and experts, we meet the needs specific to HCBS providers, ensuring efficient communication and teamwork in support services.

Continuous Improvement

We commit to continuous improvement, individually, as an organization, and in our products. As we learn, as the technological landscape evolves, and as the needs of our employees and customers change, we innovate and iterate to make things better.


We prioritize human connection within our organization and with our customers. We are dedicated to nurturing positive relationships, and delivering technologies that facilitate person-centered supports and services.

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