We were frustrated and disappointed by the lack of resources available for waiver and ICF/IDD providers, so we took matters into our own hands. Our hosts share their knowledge and personal experience to help you keep up with best practices for your profession, get expert advice to  manage everyday challenges, and stay connected to a network of valuable resources you won't find anywhere else. 

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Welcome to Home Care America- Episode One
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In this episode of Home Care America, CEO James Griffith talks about the epic challenges facing ALL home care providers.

Caring for your team is of the utmost importance. Without a healthy support system, how can they provide quality care to others?
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Simplicity Promotes Efficiency

Stop hunting through hundreds of file folders and stacks of paperwork. Now all the information you need can be found in one intuitive digital space that's accessible anywhere.

Efficiency Advances Productivity

When you can count on efficient and automated processes to manage administrative minutiae and keep you informed round-the-clock, you have the freedom to focus on delivering the best care for everyone you serve.

Productivity Drives Profitability

Handle all your responsibilities with confidence, and do it better than ever before--even as you eliminate expensive, redundant software subscriptions and shift operational costs to support a more rewarding financial strategy at every level of your organization.

Profitability Brings Peace of Mind

When your agency moves past mere survival and toward long-term success, everyone wins. Your employees feel less stress, enjoy better compensation, and experience greater career satisfaction.

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