Business Management Solutions for Care Providers

Cura OS is an all-in-one person-centered operations software suite for HCBS and ICF/IDD providers. Adopting Cura OS means less paper, less overhead, streamlined regulatory compliance, and more. All of these contribute to one main goal… yield better ROI on dollars spent on your business.

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Employee correctional information in Cura OS
Client Billing Periods in Cura OS
LaSRS Importing feature in Cura OS
Employees in Cura OS, sorted by closest for scheduling with options for messaging them
Client Functions feature in Cura OS disclosing important details for care givers






The Power & Engine of Your Business Management

Our comprehensive solution gives providers complete control over regulatory requirements, scheduling, overtime, billing and payroll as well as employee recruitment and training. Let us show you how we help successful providers keep their edge.


Automated HR

By automating HR processes such as Applicant Tracking and New Employee Onboarding, Cura OS makes integrating new hires into your system efficient and rewarding. Never forget tasks with our notifications and reminders about training and required employee documents.

Employee records for HR management in Cura OS
Client Billing details in Cura OS which lists all line items by service, reimbursement, and employee

Seamless Billing Process

Many providers are using multiple software programs to manage billing, payroll, EVV’s, and more. Are you manually entering data into LaSRS? Save both time and money by adopting Cura OS. Easily import data from LaSRS, and bill Medicaid in just a few clicks. Streamline customer billing.

Better Payroll Management

Streamline the payroll process by importing straight from the LaSRS system and automatically calculate employee overtime with Cura OS. Save time by creating and calculating payroll in minutes instead of hours.

Employee Payroll Periods in Cura OS which lists hours worked, gross pay, and clients
Employee Schedule overview in Cura OS which lists clients, on duty employee, call out details, time, and status

Efficient Employee Scheduling

Control scheduling like never before.

Cura OS will text available staff for you immediately upon notification that a shift is open. Set the incentive, release the notification and fill a shift in minutes.

Relevant information about each caregiver is built into the scheduler. Managers will be able to quickly view a caregiver’s history, view caregivers that live near a clients home, and other relevant information like if the caregiver has allergies or lifting limitations.

Organized Compliance Information

Cura OS features a drop down phone log which provides immediate call classification by type and reason. Providers will be able to quickly provide supporting documentation for all communications related to licensing reviews and regulatory audits. Cura OS keeps your information organized and readily presentable.

Document Upload and File Manager features of Cura OS

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