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Value-Based Payments Are Coming To Waiver Services

Value-Based Payments are coming to Medicaid Waiver IDD services.

What are they supposed to do?


They’re raising the bar for HCBS providers, and rewarding Person-Centered Support Plans with Value-Based payment.


Providing and documenting Person-Centered support is a Win-Win..  ..for providers and clients living better lives.


Do you have a way to document Community Integration and client Personal Goals?



What does this mean for HCBS providers?


It means documenting Person-Centered supports: meaningful, specific supports at the right place and the right time.


Paper or electronic forms that don’t capture individual, person-centered activities may not provide the documentation needed for value-based payment requirements.

New to HCBS Waiver Services


Value-based payment systems are the standard way federally funded programs raise the bar and reward top-performing providers.


These have been implemented in healthcare and home health for years, and now are coming to HCBS.

Are you preparing for Value Based Payments?

As Value-Based Payments roll out across the country, we will provide updates as they take shape.

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