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How To Unlock Value-Based Payments

For years, the home care industry for the disabled and elderly has faced the same challenges with few good technology choices. 


Since most HCBS solutions were built for the medical industry, it’s little wonder the core challenges are still as difficult as ever:


·       Staff retention

·       Compliance difficulty

·       Low reimbursement


Today, HCBS providers are looking for new technologies, but just like before, most still aren’t designed for their needs.


Over the next couple years there will be massive changes in the HCBS industry. Two of the biggest: 

  1. Eliminating paper progress notes

  2. Value-Based Payments for person centered support 


Mobile electronic progress notes should mean improved quality of life for home care DSPs, with paperless providers able to hire and retain the best people, and paper-based providers struggling to compete for staff.


But not all progress note solutions are created equal. Generic form-based progress notes will keep you afloat, but person-centered progress notes can consistently earn value-based payments.


And earning these value-based payments will help you thrive.


Don’t miss the opportunity to capture Value Based Payments with this shift in HCBS reimbursement. 


Choose a solution designed for person-centered HCBS program compliance.


Have a great week!

Your Cura Team

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