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Celebrating VOA South Central Louisiana

For two years, Emily Kelly and Kimberly Stringer of Volunteers of America Supported Living Services in Baton Rouge have been helping Cura create the new generation solution for person-centered IDD support services.

They recently reached a major milestone: adopting Cura as their standard support services platform!

This puts electronic support plans, progress notes and schedules all in the palm of their DSP’s hands. 

Today, Emily and Kimberly are proud to share their experience and thoughts on the future with Cura:

How do you see Cura improving VOA Supported Living operations?

Improve Day-to-Day Life of DSPs

Cura will definitely make our DSPs’ work life easier, by being able to create and send progress notes electronically vs. handwriting & dropping them off.

Improve DSP Communication & Support

Our DSPs have one single point for all communication; Cura streamlines everything for us. Cura will be the source for information, news, schedules, participant information, and communication. This greatly impacts the cohesiveness of our program.

Improve Support Quality & Consistency

Because DSPs are able to create and submit their progress notes through the Cura app, they are using the exact same prompts and format. We expect a significant increase in DSP compliance with progress notes, and great impacts on the quality and consistency of our progress notes.

Improve Documentation Compliance & Burden

Having one system versus two (LASRS & ADP), plus handwritten notes, will lessen the burden on supervisors to monitor and maintain compliance.  

How do you see Cura helping with person-centered quality?

With the Cura system there is less paperwork that the Program Directors need to handle, less chance of something ‘falling through the cracks’, improved scheduling and communication with our DSPs and time saving features with progress notes, etc.

All of these things will help us to provide better support and focus more on advocating for our participants, assisting them to live lives of their choosing and overall improve the quality of life of those we support.

How do you see Cura improving Supported Living operations for VOA in the future?

Having a unified system will create a cohesive and streamlined approach to participant care. This will enable us to serve more participants, and grow our program.

Would you recommend other HCBS providers could benefit from Cura?

Yes, definitely!

How has it been working with the Cura team?

The Cura team has worked tirelessly to produce a quality product. They have exceeded expectations when it comes to being flexible, accommodating, and changing directions as needed throughout the process.  

They have gone above and beyond to assist us with system implementation, training our staff and providing support.

Any lessons learned you’d like to share?

Going into this process, we had no idea how involved creating a system from the ground up was, and we gained a new appreciation of what is involved.  

The Cura system will be one-of-a-kind and a life changer for provider agencies into the future!

Emily and Kimberly’s dedication to the vocation of IDD Supported Living has been tireless, not only in their work at VOA, but in working with Cura.

Their perseverance has been critical in helping Cura become the solution for HCBS providers that they have now adopted as their support services operations platform.

Thank you Emily and Kimberly for being trailblazers with Cura!

It’s been wonderful working with you to help improve the quality of life for all involved in IDD Supported Living!

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