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Created by Providers, for Providers

As a comprehensive, widely-accessible, HIPAA-compliant software application for Medicaid waiver service and ICF/IDD providers. Cura OS is a game-changing solution for the entire industry.

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The Cura OS suite contains digital management tools designed for Medicaid waiver service and ICF/IDD agencies. It is a cloud-based platform. Manage every aspect of your operations using state-of-the-art technology for maximum efficiency, profitability, and security.

Cura EVV

As home- and community-based care providers themselves, the developers of Cura OS know the struggle presented by the Electronic Visit Verification process. Our team designed the Cura OS platform to include  integration with state EVV systems.

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A Wave of Opportunity

Accurate Key Performance Indicators

Easy to Understand Reports

Real-Time Overtime Hours & Billing Information

Integrated Billing & Payroll System

Fast & Efficient

Automated Processes

Everything at a Glance

Thanks to Cura OS, all the information and tools you need to operate a successful home- and community-based care agency and create person-centered support plans can be found in one clean, cloud-based software platform.

100% Online

Feel prepared for any eventuality with the ability to view real-time updates, retrieve critical records, and communicate with every member of your team anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

Mobile Friendly

Cura OS comes with an intuitive, geolocation-enabled mobile app for greater flexibility and convenience. Manage scheduling, staff communication, incident reporting, person-centered support plans, and more--right from the palm of your hand. 

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