Payroll processing that is streamlined and easy.

Replace all the hassle, the headaches, the extra trips to the office, and the days spent living in dread with simplified, automated functions that make payroll processing a breeze.

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Now, Everyone Can Look Forward to Payday Again with Cura Payroll

For too long, administrative staff for waiver service providers and ICF/IDD operators have been subjected to a convoluted, unpleasant task that frequently invades their nights, weekends, and holidays: the horror of payroll processing. Cura Payroll makes the best use of the systems and data you already have in place so that essential functions like calculating overtime, matching service hours to billing records, and issuing checks on a regular schedule feel like a dream instead of a nightmare.

Import Data

Cura Payroll can access and utilize the Electronic Visit Verifications you submit through Cura OS, as well as records that are exported from other payroll software or billing systems, to make quick work of payroll processing.

Calculate Overtime

Agency staff no longer have to comb through timesheets for dozens of employees in order to manually calculate overtime pay. Cura Payroll automatically recognizes when the overtime threshold has been reached, and scales employee compensation according to the established hourly rate.

Process Payroll

Each function built into Cura OS allows the system to track all service-related or billing records as they’re entered, creating a dynamic, always-current database from which payroll can be processed in mere minutes–even when natural disasters or other unanticipated events prevent staff from traveling to your office.

Direct EVV Integration

Cura OS enables providers to submit Electronic Visit Verifications directly into the state system for billing and reimbursement purposes.

See EVV App

Service Reconciliation

Cura Payroll allows you to verify payroll records with employee timesheets, service records, EVVs, and billing statements to ensure complete accuracy and transparency. Run reconciliation reports in minutes whenever compliance-related or regulatory documentation is needed.

Fully Compatible with Cougar Mountain

Already using the popular Cougar Mountain application to handle payroll? Then you’re in luck! Cura Payroll works in conjunction with Cougar Mountain to keep your records consistent and allow you to continue using the features of the software you already appreciate.

There’s No One Else Like Cura OS

Thanks to built-in EVV integration and data import capabilities, Cura OS is changing the entire face of payroll processing.

No more time-consuming manual updates every two weeks

No more extra steps that lead to costly errors and oversight

No more redundant systems that bog down your operations

No more inconsistent records and regulatory headaches

No more nights, weekends, and holidays spent submitting payroll reports

No more panic and chaos when the unexpected happens

With Cura Payroll, Your Work Feels Rewarding Again 

When your financial management systems are broken, the cost is too great to bear no matter how hard you try to justify sticking with the status quo. Reduce your stress level, your regulatory burden, your wasted time, and your overhead expenses as you build productivity, profitability, and peace of mind with a little help from Cura Payroll.

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