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Changing the Face of Employee Management

Human Resources professionals may have complex responsibilities, but they should never be forced into using complicated systems to manage them. Cura Employee Management consolidates vital records and automates critical processes to provide dynamic, real-time personnel tracking at every level.

Records Management

Ensure your agency maintains current, accurate records related to critical regulatory requirements regarding drop-in visits, mandated training, and employee evaluations.

Automated Alerts

Notify your employees of upcoming deadlines or training opportunities automatically. Staff are always aware of pending renewals, dates to submit documentation, changes in status, and other important announcements.

Continuing Education

Review an up-to-the-minute list of completed training modules to monitor progress toward continuing education responsibilities. See courses for individual employees, or sort workers into groups according to job title, hire date, location of residence, or other helpful parameters.

Applicant Tracking

Consolidate applications and contact information for prospective employees into one searchable database. Monitor the status of background checks, know when documentation has been submitted and keep track of any outstanding requests, and get important status updates instantly.

New Employee Onboarding

Step-by-step integration makes the transition seamless for current employees and new hires alike. Staff can know exactly where new employees are in the onboarding process so that expectations are clear and no one experiences unnecessary downtime.

Five Steps of Cura OS Success

Let Go of the Old Way

Avoid compliance issues & audit scares.

Never leave applicants & new hires in a state of limbo.

Prevent a last-minute rush to meet training deadlines.

Cut out wasted time spent on phone calls to individual staff & applicants.

Keep records housed in a single platform you can access anytime, from anywhere.

Say goodbye to the glass ceiling ... forever.

Protect your most valuable resource with Cura OS

Without your employees, a waiver service or ICF/IDD agency is merely an idea. Honor the investment that every single Direct Service Provider or staff member puts into your success with a software application that respects the value of their time, recognizes the worth of their contributions, and rewards their achievements: Cura OS.

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