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Where Confidence and Convenience Meet Compliance

Organize and store your agency's internal communication, day-to-day business operations, important deadlines, and all required documentation for clients and staff all in one secure, cloud-based platform. Anytime, anywhere access allows you to quickly assess compliance and produce documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements, no matter what surprises might come your way.

HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Our database conforms to all federal laws and guidelines related to the storage of clients' and employees' protected health information.

Real-Time Activity Log

Quickly define and produce a documented timeline of client visits, staff notes, billing, and other important events.

Employee Assessment Center

View up-to-the-minute records of completed educational modules and assessments to ensure that each employee is on-track with state or federal regulatory requirements.

Direct EVV Integration

Cura OS enables providers to submit Electronic Visit Verifications directly into the state system for billing and reimbursement purposes.

Comprehensive Call History

List calls according to call type, date/time, reason for initiation, and other characteristics to aid in completing licensing reviews or responding to audits and drop-in inspections.

Power You Can Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

Paperwork and physical records aren't just outdated; they're fragile and easily lost. You need a secure, cloud-based platform that captures all your information one clean, seamlessly-integrated application to handle every pillar of your operations. Cura Compliance helps you manage training requirements, legal documents, and payroll records for employees while you handle person-centered plans of care, critical incident reports, medical history, and other key information for your clients. You can even run custom reports to provide necessary documentation in seconds.

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