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Only You Can Provide Person-Centered Support.
Let Cura OS Handle the Rest.

Cura Client Care imports client data to create a unique Client Profile that organizes and stores information in one easy-to-use interface, allowing you to customize clear, actionable Person-Centered Support Plans for every client. Best of all, the Cura OS suite includes an intuitive mobile app that allows DSPs and supervisors to access Client Profiles and Person-Centered Support Plans on the go, send important alerts, quickly contact medical professionals when needed, and update records–all with the touch of a button.

Person-Centered Support Plan

Creating a practical, comprehensive Person-Centered Support Plan has never been easier. Cura Client Care seamlessly tracks each step in the process and requests simple, straightforward input from team members to construct customized, Person-Centered Support Plans with measurable goals and outcomes.

Services Schedule

Easily locate and visualize individual client records to verify date and location of services received, as well as documentation related to team members who provided those services. 

Weekly Schedule

Easily create a typical weekly schedule in each Client Profile. Compare actual work hours logged by employees to the number of hours scheduled in order to verify accurate payroll processing.

Client Notes

Access archived and up-to-the-minute notes related to important events, internal communications, or changes in status for any client, and easily produce a documented timeline of entries.

Service Team

Check personalized lists that detail each client’s primary, backup, and "Do Not Use" care workers to ensure DSPs and clients benefit from optimal placements at all times.

Medical Team

Get to know the doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals who work with each client. Staff can use the secure contact function to reach out to any medical team member quickly, if needed.

Medication Record

Document each client’s medications, prescribed dosages, and other important medical information in one clean, accessible digital space.

The Care Everyone Deserves

Cura OS takes every procedure and system that currently pushes true person-centered care to the back burner and transforms them into streamlined, efficient processes that promote quality improvements for clients and employees alike. We know that your valued clients are at the heart of what you do. Let Cura OS manage all the impersonal details so that you can get back to serving the people who depend on you most.

7 Pillars of Cura OS

Count the Cost of Complacency

Cura Client Care makes quick work of intake processing, creating and updating Person-Centered Support Plans, investigating incident reports,  messaging team members, and producing required documentation.

  • No more digging through stacks of paperwork.
  • No more wasted space storing thousands of files.
  • No more delays in communicating critical information.
  • No more chaos.

Stop settling for less than the best. Embrace Cura OS.

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