Cost-effective billing management that finally makes sense.

All the functions you need to simplify billing and payment, ensure proper reimbursement, reduce your margin of error, and lower your overhead costs are here in Cura Billing.

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Collecting Money Should Never Be a Financial Drain

When the systems that are supposed to improve billing and payment for waiver service providers and ICF/IDD operators only serve to complicate the process exponentially, turn to Cura Billing for one-of-a-kind software solution that makes money management profitable again.

Direct EVV Integration

Cura OS enables providers to submit Electronic Visit Verifications directly into the state system for billing and reimbursement purposes.

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Reliable Billing and Reimbursement

Without direct EVV integration, submitting service records and reconciling payments can become so confusing and costly that many waiver service providers lose revenue at an alarming rate. Cura Billing cuts out unnecessary steps and inefficient methods to ensure that data collection is accurate, verification is simple, and reimbursement always matches the services rendered.  

Custom Cost/Billing Comparison

Run comparative analysis reports by client, service team, type of service, or other variables to examine disparities in net cost for each scenario. Flag areas of operational inefficiency, identify previously unrecognized threats, and set targets to balance income with expenses to ensure your agency's long-term solvency.  

Built-In Quality Assurance Checks

Because each provider no longer has to transfer data related to dozens (or hundreds) of monthly EVVs across multiple documents and data storage platforms, essential quality assurance measures are no longer in danger of being neglected or overlooked. Staff can feel confident that records are always current, and that vital cross-checks–whether routine or situational–can be performed simply and conveniently.

Unique Provider API

Proper financial documentation is critical for maintaining compliance with provider-specific regulatory requirements, as well as state and local tax codes. Cura Billing includes an API that provides your agency with a secure portal to search the state billing system according to a specified date range and retrieve relevant EVV records as needed.

Ride the Wave of Opportunity with Cura Billing

Despite a growing senior population and a drastic increase in government funding for waiver services, the typical home care agency is currently hemorrhaging money, grappling with a constant shortage of direct service workers, and collapsing under the weight of overhead costs that support wasteful, overly complex processes and procedures. 

Instead of struggling to keep your doors open and shifts filled,

what if you could:

Quickly identify and target the systems, processes, and cost/billing disparities that are draining your resources?

Promote profitable, sustainable alternatives to balance out revenue streams?

Dramatically reduce your annual budget by cutting out multiple fees and subscriptions for a patchwork quilt of software applications that still don’t meet your agency’s needs?

Reallocate expenses to support internal improvements, such as employee incentive programs, capital improvements, or expansion efforts? 

Hire and retain the best workers in order to provide the best care just in time to prepare for massive changes that promise to reshape the waiver services and ICF/IDD care industries forever?

What if instead of a gathering storm on the horizon that will drown everyone in its path, you saw a wave of opportunity that would lift them all to new and dazzling heights?

You can do all of this and more with Cura Billing, a foundational pillar of the first software suite designed by providers, for providers. 

Electronic Visit Verification for Direct Care Providers

HCBS and ICF providers face the challenge of processing billing with their state’s required Electronic Visit Verifications (EVVs). The intent of EVV reporting is to ensure accurate records and reimbursements to providers.

The more steps it takes to complete monthly EVV reports, the more room for user error. Most providers settle for handwritten reports on printed documents or Excel spreadsheets. Managing this way may work for a while, but as your client base grows, these documents become too big and need extensive checking for quality assurance. 

Are You All In?

The waiver service and ICF/IDD care industry has been ensnared in an existential crisis for so long that many agencies are either living in denial or simply too overwhelmed with the tasks of mere survival to invest in changing the system. Either way, these paths only lead to suffering for millions of workers, family members, and vulnerable individuals.

That’s why the Cura OS team has invested more than 30 years into creating a solution that benefits care providers and clients alike. We can’t imagine a more worthwhile cause, and we’ve already demonstrated our commitment to change and the power of Cura OS to spark a far-reaching transformation. All you have to do is share in our vision and be willing to take that first step forward.   

I’m ready for this game changing solution!

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